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Video: Individual Tire Weights

Hi All,

It's been a while since I posted, but I just completed a video about tire pressures and the importance of having individual tire weights to determine accurate tire pressures and I thought I would share it with you. As always, comments are welcomed.

As always, I add a companion editorial on the topic and it's a bit too long (winded) to post here, so here's a link: Gadget Guru Prevost For Newbies - Part 7: Weigh Each Tire To Find Proper RV...
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Re: Video: Individual Tire Weights

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Great video!  Thank you for putting it together and sharing.

Re: Video: Individual Tire Weights

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Good information, and an excellent reminder about the need to get individual wheel weights done. 

Proper tire inflation to the loads the tire is seeing not only provides the best ride, but provides you with the greatest safety margin in avoiding tire damage / wear.  To often I've seen rigs with under inflated tires (for ride comfort), but that causes the greatest tire heat build up (since you have more rubber meeting the road), and over flexing of the side wall.

I'm sure most have seen this video, my takeaway is just how fast it happens, you have little time to react and remember what to do (accelerate) and not follow your instincts (hit the breaks)

Re: Video: Individual Tire Weights

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Agree its very important to get those individual wheel weights. 

Also be sure to adjust the pressure as you move from climate zone a to b .... I mean when you have big swings in temperature over a long trip.  We often start in the hot south and end up in the north (and back again) ... the difference in average temperature between the two locations can be 25 degrees or more, this affects your start pressure.

I'd also add that if you buy a used coach, be sure the PO did not go cheap on the tires and go down a load range.  I've seen G rated tires used where they should be H rated.  For a item that you only have to buy once every 6 years or so, its not the best place to try and cut corners.