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How is the picture frame attached?

The artwork inside my picture frame seems to have come loose and fallen to the bottom.  I think the coach got a bit to warm in storage and aged / dried out the glue.  Anyway I need to get that off the wall so I can fix it, but don't want to break the frame doing that. Thanks!

Re: How is the picture frame attached?

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On mine at least its held in place with good old Velcro ... quite a bit of it as well so its not easily removed but it can be.

Re: How is the picture frame attached?

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We got tired of the picture that came in the living space picture frame so wanted to change it to something new.   I went about looking at how the picture frame was attached to the wall.  I was worried that it may be glued to the wall, but to my relief its not.

Ours is attached by 3 strips of Velcro and a picture hook.   At the top is the picture hook and along the two side and the bottom are ~6" long strips of Velcro.   I used a plastic putty knife to separate the Velcro.  Don't pry on the frame but get the knife between the Velcro hook and loop sides and slide it down.  This separates the two sides without bending / twisting the picture frame.  It helps to have something, like paper, to place between the two Velcro sides once separated, otherwise you will find yourself re-velcroing it when you move to the next one. Once the 3 sides are released you can lift the picture off the top hook.

Now you could replace the entire thing if you had another frame you like, or reuse the existing frame and add your own picture or artwork.  You have to remove all the perimeter staples to release the picture mat, its pretty easy to do.

Oh when putting it back on the wall, it helps if you have someone to help make sure its level.  You hang the picture back on the top hook but hold it away from the Velcro, make sure its level, then swing it down onto the Velcro.  If your not careful you will reattach the frame to the wall at an angle (don't ask how I know)

Re: How is the picture frame attached?

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Thanks everyone  :)

Mine was Velcro just as described.  I used a sheet of paper to keep the two sides separated while I moved on to the next area. 

The staples that hold the matting to the frame were a lot longer then I thought they would be, almost surprised they did  not poke through the front of the frame.  Just letting others know once they get it off the wall, be prepared to remove a lot of long staples to get inside.