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"Pet safe" switch for the main power battery disconnect

If you are curious about the new "Pet safe" switch for the main power battery disconnect, then look no further.

This is the power switch on the drivers side console.  This switch, well all of them, can be easily stepped on by your favorite furry friend.  Doing so turns off the 12V power to the coach, and also disables the AGS auto generator start. So in the event of a power outage, the coach would have no AC which could be bad for anyone wearing a fur coat inside.

To prevent this from happening, Entegra changed the switch to one that now requires you slide an "access panel" in order to depress the switch.  Slide it to the rear to expose the on side, and to the front to expose the off side.  In some quick testing it was easy to operate.

Of course your pets will still plenty to do while you are gone, such as adjust your mirrors, turn on the docking lights, and play with the front shades, so they will not be bored at all  ;D