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just bought my first coach the 2017 insignia only to discover it has no navigation on it. what are other users using to get the rv mode.  and what kind of mattress did others get on the sofa bed in the insignia?

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The 2017 was the year Entegra re-introduced the Insignia line, mainly since they added so many features to the existing line that they had a spot to add back the Insignia.

I'm assuming its the 44B floorplan?  That is what it was initially available with ... that floorplan should have an air mattress in the sofa (queen sized).

The  Garmin RV 760LMT is, IMO, by far the best GPS unit you can have for an RV ... much better then the Rand McNally GPS unit that Entegra uses.

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Congrats on getting a coach !!

I used the precursor to the Garmin RV ( looks like the latest is now the RV 770 LMT-S), the Garmin Dezl with the 7" screen.  It is also awesome but lacks the built in directory of RV Parks so end point navigation often requires you know the address vs the campground name.

The RV and Semi truck Garmin units make sure you don't end up on low weight limit bridges, or under height overpasses, or other areas / roads where big rigs should not go. 

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Congrats on the coach  :)

The bed is goign to depend on the floorplan and options, although there are not to many options on any entegra.

Do you have the 44B or 44W floorplan?  If the 44B which front couch did you get, straight or L sofa?