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help with how to use the matrix system

Have a 2018 42 DEQ> I did nto get a manual on the matrix system. It is a very small thin remote with 4 buttons and and on/of button. How do i use it, Someone said 1 is tv over fireplace, 2 is rear, 3 is external and 4 is front tv, Then you have to press each button a couple of times and let it sit for 30 seconds to change the program. HELP PlEASE

Re: help with how to use the matrix system

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I don't have a 2018 so my remote is probably different.  The matrix unit is the HDMI splitter.  It takes the output from various media devices, such as the satellite receiver, bluray player, etc and allows you to view any device on any TV. 

This allows you watch your satellite on the Fireplace TV and Outdoor TV, and a blue ray movie on the bedroom TV.  So you can show any device on any TV, even multiple times.

Mine as a set of A-D buttons and then 1-4 buttons.  The A-D are the TV's and the 1-4 are the devices.  I printed out a label and glued it to the back of the remote since there was no way I was going to remember the matrix :D  So I select C then 2 which for me means connect tv c (my bedroom) to input 2 (my bluray).

If you only have 4 buttons, it could be the remote is tied to a specific TV and 1-4 are just the inputs to that TV, or maybe you have to select 2-3 to connect tv 2 to input 3, whatever that is for your coach.

Re: help with how to use the matrix system

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The Matrix remote on my 2018 Anthem DEQ has the buttons labeled. 
The top is for the Main TV, the second is Bedroom, 3rd External, 4th Front.  Pressing the button sequentially changes the input in this order:  BluRay, Sat, Dash, Aux.  Give it about 5 seconds between pushes so the Matrix can make the selection.  All things equal, its much easier to use the Vegatouch.

Re: help with how to use the matrix system

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The HDMI Box it self is in the basement, forward compartment, passenger side, on the wall, behind a carpeted cover. It is plugged in to a/c outlet on ceiling. You can manually make selections but tv ...led reflects selection too. Sometimes you need to unplug to reboot.
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Re: help with how to use the matrix system

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My 2018 Aspire has the Matrix System with the 4 unlabeled buttons + on/off remote.  I am using the first three input functions to access Dash Radio, Bluray and Dish.    I currently access Cable/Antenna by switching each individual TV inputs to "TV".  That works but it seem like a missed opportunity to have all functions go thru the Matrix System.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is AUX for Cable and Antenna?  Thanks.