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Topic: looking to buy a 2013 Cornerstone 45dlq from private owner (Read 3563 times) previous topic - next topic
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looking to buy a 2013 Cornerstone 45dlq from private owner

Any concerns, new tires and batteries; actually late 2012, but listed as a 2013 because of added new features.  Has the 500 Cummins, not the new K-3 chassis added in 2013.  Concerned about the I-pad control center.  Also very interested in 2013 anthem 44 dlq, very low miles, little use, very clean, original tires and batteries, but very well taken care of, red flag to me was 1.25 gen only had 21 hrs and is a trade-in that people are upgrading to a cornerstone

Re: looking to buy a 2013 Cornerstone 45dlq from private owner

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I think those were some interesting times for Entegra, at least 2013 into 2014 models.  They went through a management change to address several issues, including quality.  Engineering and design were good, they did have some quality control issues, but it was spotty and not across the board as well, some folks had issues, some not many at all.

This is around when Tadd Jenkins was brought in to head things up and by all reports the quality control went from lacking to superlative. The production from Entegra 2015+ is of excellent quality.  Some of the issues are common to every brand and you just have to expect this,  mainly due to third party components.  But  things like window/door leaks or wiring problems is attributable to Entegra.

Since the issues were around quality and not really design flaws (that I know of), if the PO had those properly addressed during the 2year warranty then I would have not worries.  Having new tires and batteries is also excellent as they are quite expensive to replace when the time comes.

Re: looking to buy a 2013 Cornerstone 45dlq from private owner

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The K3/600 was an option in 2012. 

The K3 version add a few nice features, bigger engine (500hp vs 600hp), disc brakes all around, and a 3 stage engine brake vs 2 stage. 

With any of those choices, its how the owner took care of things.  Did they get all of the Spartan recalls done and did they have Entegra fix any issues they found or did they "live" with them.

When you buy used you get the benefit that someone else should have done all the debug and correction already.  2012/13 are not so old that anything is worn out either.  BUT check the DOT code on the tires, if they are 5+ years old they are close to end of service life.  The batteries could last a few more years, or even many more, depending on how well they were maintained (never allowed to full discharge etc). 

Re: looking to buy a 2013 Cornerstone 45dlq from private owner

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1.25 gen only had 21 hrs

The concern with low hours for the year of the generator is usually in regard to the end bell bearings.  The best use is daily and the worst use is exercising it a few minutes once every few (pick........weeks/months/years).  Low use is the worst killer of the bearing because the bearing lubricant has a chance to "age out" from inactivity/drying out/hardening/undergoing lubricant thermal cycle creep and partially exposing the bearing surfaces.  Exposed surfaces then become "tender" because the lubricant is either thin or non existent, especially on startup and during initial warmup, etc.

You can have the end bearings changed out as PM, its a lot cheaper than having a bearing start to go bad or fail, and the rotor contacting the stator ... the repair bill then is in the order of $4k plus labor and misc parts.

Re: looking to buy a 2013 Cornerstone 45dlq from private owner

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can the bearing be replaced with a greaseable bearing?