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Greetings everyone

I wanna say hello  I got tired of that other forum  i2  I had a lunatic moderator stalking me and and several others I shared supposedly priv. messages too.  private means private.  Except there  Anyway we were just at the phoenix NIRVC facility and man that place is jumping. I have never had better service including my brothers ford dealership.  Tads nephew is running things at this point and I can tell you I have never met a smarter individual My ac had slowed to a crawl it was very hot in az. Jessica worked us in the tech I was working with was off the hook good as he was servicing the coach tads nephew popped open the front compartment looked around like a fine surgeon carefully no ripping tearing patiently checking things within 5 minutes he said here the problem I said how do you know hes a very very  educated and always thinking gentleman. He found the smallest vacuum line I have seen which controls the vent doors for the settings  it was barely barely visible he put his thumb over the area, Looked up in the window and we saw thumbs up.  So he spliced it And problem solved Meanwhile the oil was finishing being changed and other things We never dreamed could even exist were being tweeked  I mean that is a well oiled machine Meanwhile  MS. sheri was looking at a bunch of coaches and man this was 1 of the best days we had in a long time. its been about 10 days now I thought everybody is quick to complain, so NIRVC Phoenix deserves some good words im sure the other location Rock im going to try and visit the Georgia facility in a few weeks then Dallas.  after that

Re: Greetings everyone

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Welcome to the site!

NIRVC is really top notch, and they continue to build sites and maintain customer focus.  Not to many outfits like that around, especially ones with locations in several states.  I have my local go to guys, but once on the road its a crapshoot in getting good service done.  Fortunately with NIRVC expanding you have some really great options to route yourself to.

Yeah the other place to hang out has a few land mines around, not really as owner focused IMO