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Checking In

We may have ended our search for a DP.  Found a 2014 Aspire 42RBQ that we really liked and came together on the numbers.  Didn't drive as good as I had hoped for so we will wait and see if dealer figures that out.  Hoping it is simply under inflated tires or possibly needing an alignment. 
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Looking for used DP

Re: Checking In

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Hope it works out for you, what about the handling did you not like?  I don't think the Aspire is IFS so that may be what you are reacting to?

Re: Checking In

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Would not be surprised if it needed an alignment.  Its amazing how many owners do not get one done after they have loaded the chassis to their normal travel conditions.  At one point Entegra did not do any alignment, I think the chassis come from Spartan aligned but that is before you build a house on top of it.   Later model years are aligned at the factory, but that is still not under fully loaded travel conditions of the owner.   So its a low cost and good to do item!