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Aqua Hot

We have a 2014 Anthem, Aqua Hot works on 50amp & Diesel but does not heat the floor. Am I right in assuming that this coach has floor heat and how and where do I control this function?

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When I first turn on my floor heat, I may not "feel" any change after a couple of hours.  What I find is it takes around 8 hours or so to really feel the change.

Entegra has stated it takes 12 hours for the floor heat to saturate the floor and provide a level temperature across the entire floor surface (meaning the entire floor is within a few degrees across the surface)

You may notice the heat stops just inside the bedroom.  There is a loop in the bedroom, but it's at the end of the loop for the rest of the coach, so it warms up last (and not by the engine latch)

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Hi Roger,

Some things to check are once you set the thermostat to furnace.gas floor heat mode, it go outside to your aquahot bay and check the outlet pipes to see if one is warm, it should be and you should also hear the pump running.

If the outlet is not warm then its not calling for heat or "other"  issue
If the return is not warm but the outlet is, then you could have one of the famous Entegra water line kinks in the line that greatly restricts the flow.

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What the others have said.

Yes you have floor heat, but it does take a long time for it to become noticeable.  The loop of water line needs to heat the plywood floor, and then the tile floor before it is noticeable.  Of course not all of that heat goes up, some goes down into the basement as well.  Once the floor is up  to temperature (and Entegra will tell you thats up to 12 hours for a constant temperature from side to side and front to back)

Attached is a picture (not mine) that shows the piping that is under the floor.  That gets covered with reflective foil and then fiberglass bats.  So its just hot water in a pipe so you can imagine it will take a long time to heat the space.

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Thanks to all that responded, it turns out that I did not know that the floor is only heated when on zone #2.  Zone # 2 is dedicated to floor heat only when set to heat/ gas. Everyone was correct about length of time to heat the floor.
Thanks again

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Roger and all,
The fluid in the floor heating line is "Aquahot Antifreze" fluid at a 50/50 solution. It is NOT water. That is why it takes up to 12 hours to reach temperature.
Also make sure that all air is bled out of the lines or you will have less than optimum performance.

Check your Aqua Hot instructions for exact data.

Regards...The Balladeer

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The Aquahot has two heat sources.  Changing the number 2 heat pump to HEAT GAS will power the Aquahot circulation pump.

When plugged in to 50A service or the generator is operating, the Aquahot has a limited amount of hot water for use.  This 1700W element will continuously heat cold water that passes the element.  The storage tank is under a gallon. Normally designed for washing hands, etc.  This will provide a continuous supply of warmed water to the floor heat circuit.  Not enough for very cold inside temps but detectable as warm spots on the floor tile.

Activating the BURNER switch will power the diesel furnace and provide a continuous, instantaneous  1.5 gallon per minute supply of HOT water for all coach requirements.  The floor heat circuit will still need 12 to 24 hours to heat the under floor mass - both up through the wood and tile and down through the insulation and ceiling of the basement.

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New shopping member here.  So are these radiant hydronic heating systems adequate for a coach used in colder climates?  It sounds hideous if it takes 8, 12, 24 hours to produce heat in the coach.  By the time it heats the various layers of flooring before it starts to radiate heat into the coaches interior air space. 


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I spoke to my dealers Entegra sales rep who has been to the factory in the last few months to keep up to speed on the coaches he sells.  He said the number one problem with heating operational issues with these coaches is lack of instruction to the owner (proper operation) during the delivery process.  The heating system is also plumbed through the Cummins engine helps out in two ways.  1)  You can preheat the engine  with hot water pumped through it when the coach heat is on in winter conditions.  2)  While traveling you can heat the coach while driving down the road with heat from the engine.  In his opinion the delivery instructions for all the systems on a new coach should take about a day to cover all systems and their operation.