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We are new members to the forum as we just purchased our new 2015 (yes new) Aspire 44U. We bought it from a couple who listed it on RV Trader. They purchased the coach new in 2015, drove it home and stored it. The coach was never used and only had 1150 miles on it. The good and the bad is obvious. the bad is that none of the usual PMI was done so many of the systems were never used and/or de-bugged. The good news is we paid a fraction of the original cost as the previous owners just wanted to get rid of it.  Reason for the post?. The folks at Entegra and Spartan have been great. Even though the warranty had expired, they have covered various PMI items due to the mileage and our story. Spartan has even had repair crews at our house fixing minor issues.

Thank you Entegra and Spartan.

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Wow - it's great to hear Entegra and Spartan are taking care of you!  That's refreshing in the RV industry.

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Congrats to you on your excellent purchase.  Sounds like you were in the right place at the right time.

Good to hear that Spartan and Entegra have taken good care of you.  It's encouraging to hear.

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Congratulations on your "barn find"  ... Sounds like a great deal and very glad that Entegra + Spartan are helping out.