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Topic: 2013 anthem: 12 k genset not charging batteries (Read 2372 times) previous topic - next topic
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2013 anthem: 12 k genset not charging batteries

While driving, genset was operating fine except, magna inverting display showed batteries where getting charged like normal.  Checked circuit breaker at genset was OK.  Even reset to see if any change would occur.  All operating parameters to genset were OK.  It only has 95 hours total time.  EC 30 command mode is in manual and readout showed a 13.2 volts most of the time with 16 amps on one unit and 8 amps on the other unit.  Any thoughts,  This is our maiden voyage so still learning coach.  OH load test on house batteries tested good.  They are 3 years old, 230 amp hr 6  volt.  Our coach does have the upgraded dual 100 watt solar panels.