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Coach Insurance

So I contacted my insurance agent (SF) and they quoted me $5,374.00 a year to insure a new Entegra Anthem.  Nearly set my hair on fire.

Who are others insuring their coaches with at a more reasonable rate per year. 


Re: Coach Insurance

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We are with Progressive now I believe.  We shop every year and have been with Geico, Progressive and Utica Mutual.  We're paying around $1,500 per year which will probably go up substantially when we get our Aspire.

Re: Coach Insurance

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while seeking insurance price info at Quarzite  Sale o Rama last January , I was surprised to find out that ins. prices are all over the place but  mostly  way  Higher  depending on where the MH is  plated.  We where thinking of  Domicile in Dakota or Texas  etc.  but  the  insurance quote was  in the $5,000. plus  neighborhood ..  WOW  we're  now still based in California and our ins is with  AAA  and  $1500
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