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Awning won't retract on my 2018 Anthem 44F

ive had lots of problems with the vega touch sometimes front awning work and rear won't next time rear works and front won't
now front is out and need to leave campground but can retract awning pretty sure its a firefly issue all my problems mostly happens on the source change over its the tv matrix and the key fobs the remotes for awnings and door
and now awning in or out
any help or suggestions appreciated i want to go home for my next service appt this week and need to leave but cant

previous problems include
I purchased a 2018 Anthem from Dennis Dillon in June this years and have had nothing but problems with it VIN 4VZAU1D95JC083916
awnings go out won't come in  tv matrix most times have to be reset or dont work  rear hub leaking oil power steering box leaking oil Key fob work then won't work i think i bought a lemon
its a 44F i have owned this coach for about 3 months and i'm always waiting for an appointment for repairs then the repairs take 2 to 3 weeks again i have an appointment next week for more repairs after waiting 2 weeks to get ti ive called Fire fly ,  dealer and the key module people forgot the name WHY cant i have one tire with no problems ive had 5 trips and every one something has gone wrong yesterday a transfer switch fault then i ran the gen then plugging in 50 amp all is ok but awnings out and cant leave for home and my next approintment for repairs cause awning is out and won't retract

Re: Awning won't retract on my 2018 Anthem 44F

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Sorry to hear all of these issues and I am interested to know your findings.  We also purchased our 2018 Anthem 44B from DDRV in March and had some expected departure issues that finally got resolved.  Entegra and Fire Fly were very helpful to work with me on some issues I had with my Inverter cycling on and off,  We ended up replacing the Vega Touch and the and Bridge Box with all the upgraded Firm and Software, I would encourage you to get with Tec Support and see what the latest level.  Yours can be found in the Settings on the Vega Touch Logo.  You are under warranty and replacing the updated touch pad may fix some issues you do not even know you have. It is no big deal, I did it myself,  Fire Fly sent the new Touch Pad and walked me through some settings.  We found some new functionality our old touch pad did not have. 
This will frustration will pass our couch is running fine now.
Good Luck