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But the Entegra goes Psssst ?

A new safety feature with the white noise backup alarm.

All of us have heard those backup beepers, that beep beep beep, shrill, piercing backup alarm.

But there is a new kid on the block, a white noise or broad band noise backup beeper. The white noise "beep" is on the same cadence but broadcasts a range of frequencies and emits a sound that is more focused in an area where people may be at risk.

Whats cool about this white noise beeper is that the sound is directional.  While beside an RV, its very quiet, you can just hear the beeper over an idling engine.  Then as you walk around into the "danger" zone the noise becomes very evident and directional. So only the people behind the vehicle will hear it, and as you get to the side, the sound disappears. 

Whats also great about this is when you get to a campground you no longer have that annoying backup beeper bothering all your neighbors.  The noise level of the beep also drops off twice as fast with distance from the source as it does with the older high frequency beep alarms.  So now people on the other side of the campground will not know you have arrived. >:(

Here is a sound clip moving from the side to the back of an idling RV with the white noise backup alarm.

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