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can't get cable tv

2020 emblem.  hooked up to park cable.  can't get cable in coach only thing that comes in when set to "TV" is over the air channels.

Re: can't get cable tv

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We just bought a 2019 Aspire and have the same issue.  Can anyone help us understand what we are doing wrong?
Nick Martorano
In Motion Builders

Re: can't get cable tv

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I just had the same issue with my new Odyssey. You need to turn the TV Antenna off (it's a button on a wall plate that has a cable connector on it) in order to receive cable. In some RV's this button is located behind the TV on the outlet where the antenna cable is connected. Mine is located in the cabinet above the entry door to the unit where you can add a cable modem or satellite receiver box to the system.