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2016 Cornerstone Batteries

A couple of months ago I purchased a 2016 Cornerstone Coach and its in FL and I am in Maryland now. Would like to purchase all new batteries and take them to FL in a week, Need help with the group code of both type batteries in the Cornerstone. Thank you for the information. Take care.  Bill

Re: 2016 Cornerstone Batteries

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OEM on the 2016 Cornerstone would have been Harris Battery, thats not a recommendation, just what was used.

Its a good idea to replace them all as a battery can be ruined by just one episode of over-discharging.  So if you don't know how the coach has been stored (plugged in or not) the batteries or some of them in the bank could be bad.

You will have ( 8 ) 6V batteries for the house, and ( 2 ) 12V batteries for the coach/engine.  Entegra did not swap over to the L16 size of battery until the 2017 model year.  Stick with AGM batteries for all locations. 

The stock coach / engine ones were group size 31 at 950 CCA so you will want something right at or above that range.  Thats not a small engine to get turning :D 

The house batteries you will be concerned with storage capacity (AMP HRS).  They are be a 6V GC2 Golf Cart form factor, OEM were around 200 AMP HR.  The house batteries are wired in 4 banks , each bank has ( 2 ) 6V wired in series to give 12V.  Then those ( 4 ) 12V banks are wired in parallel, this adds up the AMP HRs ... so if you purchase 200 AMP HR batteries , you end up with 800 AMP HR of 12V storage.

Which brand to use is almost a ford vs chevy discussion in the RV world :P ... but I like Lifeline AGM's for the house and Optima AGM for the engine YMMV.

Re: 2016 Cornerstone Batteries

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Congratulations on your new to you Coach !

Agree on the use of AGM's.  At some point a change over to LIPO for the house batteries will happen, they have a lot of benefits but with the OEM current charge system, wiring and battery compartment space, it would turn that into an really expensive project. 

AGMs have the following advantages over flooded:

    • No need to check water levels.
    • They stay clean since there is no leaking acid
    • They take a charge faster
    • They have a lower self-discharge rate. A disconnected AGM loses only about 1.5% of its voltage per month, versus 5-10% per month for flooded batteries.
    • They will not spill battery acid, even if turned on their side.
    • If properly maintained (charged / not allowed to over-discharge), they will last longer than flooded batteries. They are capable of roughly twice the number of charge/discharge cycles as a flooded battery.

Re: 2016 Cornerstone Batteries

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Thank you for the information. Am trying to retire and live most of year in FL  excluding traveling in the coach but still own two auto parts stores in MD. We carry Interstate Batteries and wanted to make sure before I transport two 31 series and 8, 6 volt batteries to FL. Thanks again for the reply's.

Take care