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Wind sensor on Girard Awnings

We are the new owners of a 2015 Anthem 42 DEQ.  We are missing a number of manuals and some I have downloaded or requested from mfg.  We do need help to determine if our Awnings are wind sensitive.  I found at the awning base that they are Nova II's.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Re: Wind sensor on Girard Awnings

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It does not have a wind sensor in the traditional sense.  It has a motion sensor that is on the outer rail.  You can adjust that to be more or less sensitive.  

I think that motion sensor was a step in the right direction from the wind sensor / anemometer Girard used to use, but it can be a little inconsistent from time to time, but less so then the anemometer, and you do not have to worry about leaving it stuck on a tree branch LOL,

It works when the awning arm lifts or bounces as the result of wind getting under it and causing it to move.